Explore the jungle above Puerto Vallarta

Sierra Madres Mountains

In proximity to Banderas Bay and the city of Puerto Vallarta, the Sierra Madre Hills creates a legendary backdrop to Mexico’s premier locations. Within the valleys and canyons of this mountain range, a lavish rainforest houses an impressive variety of plant life and wild animals. And although there are very few people living in the Sierra Madre’s rainforest, many travelers visit this magical and charming place everyday. On any given day in the rain forest, you can visit a historical colonial boom-town high in the hills by going on a canopy tour or a self-guided hike through some genuinely unbelievable surroundings.

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Rain Forest

In the last few years, canopy tours have become a favorite tour among tourists visiting Puerto Vallarta. Originally developed in the jungles of Costa Rica, canopy tours allow adrenaline seeking tourists to ride pulley lines in between terraces built high in the trees. During the tours, knowledgeable and fit guides are available in order to help even some of the most nervous guests maximize the breathtaking experience. As you swiftly glide from tree to tree, the tour-guides will usually point out special species of plants and also provide a lot of information about the rain forest’s comprehensive ecological community. Though the activity might appear dangerous, each trip is sustained by an amazing variety of safety devices.  It is even open to kids starting at the age of six. Also, ask your concierge for other trip suggestions, as some local excursion companies will know of high-rated hotels and special deals that are usually available to guests but are seldom missed by travelers to the area.

Mining History

If you want to go deeper into the rain forest as well as see the remains of a once-prosperous mining community, you can take a short fifteen minute flight to San Sebastian. Although seeing the community of San Sebastian can be a mind-blowing experience, the flight can be just as exciting. The pilots frequently fly close to the hill-tops and the rain forest canopy allowing you to take in all the passing picturesque, cascading waterfalls as well as intricate, deep canyons. When you get to the inaccessible township of 500, located at over 4,300 feet, it could be hard to identify San Sebastian’s prosperous past. Yet there are residues of the 18th century silver boom that once brought in over 30,000 people to this location hiding throughout the countryside. Today, the existing San Sebastian citizens embrace vacationers and also enjoy sharing their stories with the curious travelers. One of one of the most intriguing personalities is Pachita, a 92-year old lady who has actually lived her entire life in San Sebastian and as well as worked from the town’s enchanting confection shop. Many of the scenic tours to San Sebastian include a fresh-cooked meal at one of the village’s colonial ranches in this area, too, allowing you to meet even more local characters.


If you want to experience the natural charm of the rain forest at ground-level, there are a variety of trekking and cycling tours offered in Puerto Vallarta. A lot of touring companies provide different excursions to match any age and also ability level. One of the most prominent hiking tours typically last 2 to 3 hrs that whine through amazing greenery, while the more sophisticated trips include all the best sites of the rain forest as well as can last throughout the entire day. Along the way, tour guides will point out indigenous plant varieties as well as aid travelers in locating and identifying birds and wild animals, including amphibians and bugs. Mountain cycling tours supply their participants similar educational opportunities, and also permit visitors to ride from the cobblestone streets of Puerto Vallarta directly into the hills of the Sierra Madres.

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Waterfalls and photo ops

While the majority of the tours providers will offer to pick up their guest from their hotels  and also provide snacks throughout the day, there are a number of things you must bring along for a day. For your convenience, you ought to pack both sunscreen and insect repellent and apply each throughout the day. If you plan on swimming in any of the jungle’s cascading waterfalls or lagoons, you might want to pack a swimsuit and a towel. To make the most of your journey, you ought to bring along binoculars and a digital camera to preserve your memories.

If you are seeking an adventurous, non-touristy, day trip while visiting Puerto Vallarta, look no further then a tour that takes you to the mountains above the city.  Puerto Vallarta’s  Sierra Madre mountains, just a couple of miles from the elegant hotels of Puerto Vallarta, have the ability to provide you the best of both worlds like no other place on this planet.

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