My First Visit to PuRR Project

My first visit (and I say first because I plan to visit many more times), was an early birthday outing organized by my boyfriend who knows I LOOOOOVE CATS but travel and work too much to have a pet.  He found PURR PROJECT online, and it was an amazing experience!  Much to my surprise, there are many local animal lovers in the greater PV area that have not heard of it – so I am on a MISSION to spread the word!


Kitties awaiting our arrival

Muchos Gatos at entrance










When I got in the little van on Wednesday morning with Rob and 10 other participants, I had no idea where we were heading or what we were doing.  As our guide began to describe the property and project, I quickly understood!  I was a little bit wary, wondering if it would be a “sad” situation with lots of sick and sad cats in a smelly environment.  I was so pleasantly surprised, as I have been in private homes with just 1 or 2 cats that smelled more like a litter box than this pristine property did.  We drove for about ½ hour south/east of Bucerias to a cute little ranch.  The cats knew it was Wednesday and those visitors with treats were due to arrive, so they greeted us at the gate.

me with treats! and kitties!

lap kitties

PuRR Project Boast Many Experiences

The Mexican ranch style house on the property is home to the on-site staff, providing daily care for its residents. Visitors are met by the “greeter” cats at the gate, and they are always ready for some lap time and treats. There is a “group litter box” in the gardens to keep the grounds clean – it even has a roof!  A Rain Shelter provides another covered space and feeding time there is always a delight to see! The Kitten Nursery has proven to be a favorite spot for visitors to spend time. Depending on the season, there are usually kittens of all sizes, colors and personalities. If you’ve never experienced being in a space with MULTIPLE kittens, it’s one you will always remember. But beware – you may not be able to leave PuRR Project empty handed!

Rob + kitties

Water bowl

Please visit their site:

….to provide homeless cats and kittens a recuperative stay at PURR PROJECT with the ultimate goal to adopt them out to loving homes; sterilized, vaccinated and disease free;

accomplishing this through our own efforts as well as collaboratively with other animal welfare organizations and veterinarians.

purrvideo  (please view my home video of kitties cavorting)

….to reduce in significant numbers the suffering that homeless cats and kittens endure.

runway catwalk (lol)

Rob + more cats!


PuRR Project has 1500+ followers on Facebook    It is run by 3 cat-loving, hard-working ladies from the US, who took over a rundown shelter in 2006.  The project runs solely from donations and needs $4000+ USD monthly operate, feed, house, and supply twice per week veterinary care for over 200+ resident cats and kittens.

Events & Donations

The PuRR Project survives off of donations, so please go visit and participate in any fundraising events that you can.  A few they do regularly:

Shelter Visits:  (like Rob took me on last week) where you learn about the facility and visit the kitties!  CAT THERAPY MAY JUST BE WHAT THE DOCTOR ORDERED!  Tours are on Wednesday mornings and last approximately 4 hours. Available dates for this season are: Nov 27th, Dec 11th & 26th, Jan 8th & 22nd, Feb 5th & 19th, Feb 5th & 18th, March 4th & 18th, & April 1st.

You must have a CONFIRMED seat on the van. To make a reservation, contact Marilyn Khan at

A reservation is $400 pesos per person. I highly recommend a visit!!!

PURR PROJECT BINGO  at NACHO DADDY *see site or contact Nacho Daddy in Old Town for details.

Polynesian Dance Performance by Academia Danza de Moorea!! Friday, December 13 at 5:00 p.m. at Sea Monkey Restaurant located at Aquiles Serdan on the Malecon.

Your ticket to this event includes a fabulous buffet dinner on the beach, two drink tickets, live entertainment, a raffle for fabulous prizes, and our annual HULA CONTEST on the Malecon! Those of you who’ve attended this event before will remember the platters of grilled pork, mashed potatoes and gravy, corn, slaw, fresh fruit, and a yummy dessert. Once again, all food and drink for this fun event will be generously donated by Troy Valens, the owner of Sea Monkey, so ALL proceeds will benefit the 200+ cats at the Purr Project shelter.

Tickets are only $400 pesos and are VERY limited, so don’t delay! They are available now at Sea Monkey, at the Saturday morning Purr Project adoption booth at Daiquiri Dick’s, or by contacting Marilyn Khan at


teen house

kitten house

Some Additional Facts:

Founded in 2006 as a no-kill shelter where the adult population can roam free in a natural environment on a fenced 1/2 acre of land in the remote countryside north of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. They have come a long way since then, with an Adoption Program, a great website and organized fundraising.

PuRR Project has a permanent population of 180-200 felines. Kittens reside in the airy Nursery. Simona’s Senior Center and Macho’s House provide safe havens for older or special-needs residents. They also have an on-site clinic for the visiting vets, plus an Acclimation Bungalow and quarantine space. In 2012, PuRR Project USA was incorporated and its tax-free status encourages larger donations and helps then to achieve their goals.


me with more cats!

Donate, Adopt, Visit

PuRR Project – So whether you live in the PV area or are here on a vacation – please plan a trip to PuRR project.  You won’t regret it!

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